About My Work


I manage communications at, an artificial intelligence startup whose intelligent agents Amy + Andrew schedule meetings for you.

Before, I was a Community Associate at Work-Bench, an enterprise technology venture fund in NYC.

For those two years, I worked with 50+ fast-growth startups, building 200+ events, content, and community to support our enterprise startup ecosystem in NYC.  I loved so many aspects of my job: learning from people of astounding caliber, working on a new problem every day across our portfolio and member companies, and strategizing about how to get the word out on our thriving little community.

As someone who works with many different companies and across different industries (previously immigration and environmental non-profits), a few themes have emerged:

I'm passionate about enabling everyone to bring their authentic selves to work.  I love to explore how forward-thinking managers are creating company cultures that embrace the talents and personalities of their workers.

I'm passionate about building strong, diverse teams. Bringing the best people to the table and helping them succeed isn't easy, but the rewards are exponential.  See more on what I'm doing to support women in tech.

And I'm most passionate about creating beautiful work.  Whether it's finding that perfect word that encapsulates everything I'm trying to convey or getting nitpicky with InDesign to make event materials, I feel good when I create beautiful communications.

I studied International Relations and Environmental Studies at Tufts University (go Jumbos!) in - you can always ping me to talk marine resource management or conflict theory.